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The Pre-Order Package includes-
The New Gojira Reverie Pedal
1 Meatboy Fuzz (Dark or Light versions available)
Gojira FX T-shirt in your size!
All for £149 +shipping (usual single pedal rates apply) The Reverie's will be shipped out on the 2nd week of April.
We are only doing a limited run of 25 Reverie Pedals….After pre-order sale The Reverie will be £149.

The Reverie is a dreamy and very controllable reverb and modulation pedal. With a wide tone control you can dial in dark cave like repeats or clear sharp, chiming/shimmering echoes.
The pedal self oscillates and will keep running even when the effect is turned off, switch back on and the full build up of repeats/modulation will still be there . Lots of lofi/chorus type tones from the subtle modulation that goes to full on vibrato wobbles.


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Mix – Amount FX and Dry signal
Tone- Tone control
Expanse-Controls the amount of Pre-delay before the reverb
Distance-Controls the amount of Reverb.
Depth- controls the amount of modulation on the Reverb
Speed-modulation speed from slow and subtle to a fast vibrato

Dry(Flick Switch)-Kills the dry signal, “effect only”

L.E.D 1= Bypass indicator.
L.E.D 2= Modulation pulse speed.

Wiring/Footswitch options-
-True bypass, Effect will cut off abruptly when you switch it off
-Non True Bypass, Reverb will naturally decay when turned off (Shouldn't colour your dry tone either)
9v DC -standard(centre negative)

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 cm
Enclosure Colour

Black, White


Custom Artwork, Gojira Artwork

Switch Wiring

True Bypass, Non True Bypass(tails)

Shirt Size

Small, Medium, Large, XLarge

Meatboy Version

Dark Meatboy, Light Meatboy

Add A Pedal For Half Price

No Thanks, Trembulator (+£50), Octave Generator (+£55), Trembulator & Octave Generator (+£100)

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