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  • Reverie (reverb/modulation)


    +Free circle of fifths t-shirt (leave a note on order for size)

    The Reverie is a dreamy and very controllable reverb and modulation pedal. With a wide tone control you can dial in dark cave like repeats or clear sharp, chiming/shimmering echoes.
    The pedal self oscillates and will keep running even when the effect is turned off, switch back on and the full build up of repeats/modulation will still be there . Lots of lofi/chorus type tones from the subtle modulation that goes to full on vibrato wobbles.


    Now available in a smaller version that does not include the modulation controls (depth and speed)


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  • Octave Generator



    The Gojira Octave Generator offers 1 octave up, 1 down and 2 down with a clean blend.
    Current build/lead time= 6-8 Weeks


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  • Tubescreamer 808


    Inspired by the classic 808 Tube Screamer the Gojira 808 provides an overdrive which adds a real crunch and beautiful tone to your sound!

    Mr Sparkle version comes with a choice Custom knobs

    -Mr Sparkle

    -Duff Cans

    -Steamed Hams



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  • Custom Knobs


    1 x Custom 3D printed  Knob

    Fit tight on 6mm splined shaft pots

    -Mr Sparkle

    -Duff Beer

    -Steamed Ham


    -Booty Sweat

    Currently waiting on a new batch of Duff knobs so any orders won’t ship until end of May 20


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  • Noise Ensemble Fuzz



    The Noise Ensemble Fuzz uses and severally abuses the PT2399 delay chip. Giving a wide range of fuzz tones and modulation that ranges from reverb/delay to chorus/flange/pitchshifting and vibrato effects… The longer the delay the weirder the modulation..

    It also oscillates! and its wild! Turn on the feedback loop for some crazy winding,ascending oscillation , pitch is controlled with the ensemble knob.




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  • Heretic Distortion


    The GojiraFX Heretic is our 4 knob version of the awesome Rat pedal(s).

    mid-range overdrive/distortion

    All 3 Rat types in 1 pedal! Original, Turbo and Dirty.

    Uses the LM308 chip that the original Rat’s used.

    optional mod-

    -Oscillation Drone switch



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  • Drone Muff


    Inspired by the original Russian Muff this pedal gives you a thick and heavy fuzz with excellent clarity through guitar or bass!
    Comes with optional free drone mod. (stand alone drone box or octave buzz saw fuzz when stacked with another pedal)

    Also available in V Ram version.


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  • Meatboy Fuzz



    The Gojira Meatboy Fuzz comes in 3 flavors- Light ,Dark and Sub Dark (bass version)
    Light and dark versions are more suited to guitar while the sub dark version is tweaked for bass.





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