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  • 2 PACK- Tubescreamer808/Heretic(3rats)

    2 Pack includes-

    Tubescreamer 808 with Pink, Mr Sparkle artwork

    Heretic (3 rats in 1) with “They Live” Skull artwork


    Custom artwork available for both pedals!



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  • Reverie (reverb/modulation)



    The Reverie is a dreamy and very controllable reverb and modulation pedal. With a wide tone control you can dial in dark cave like repeats or clear sharp, chiming/shimmering echoes.
    The pedal self oscillates and will keep running even when the effect is turned off, switch back on and the full build up of repeats/modulation will still be there . Lots of lofi/chorus type tones from the subtle modulation that goes to full on vibrato wobbles.


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  • Octave Generator

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    The Gojira Octave Generator offers 1 octave up, 1 down and 2 down with a clean blend.
    Non Custom orders are now in Powder coated boxes with a U.V printed design.. No build time either, they ship out next day!


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  • Tubescreamer 808

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    Inspired by the classic 808 Tube Screamer the Gojira 808 provides a transparent overdrive which adds a real crunch and beautiful tone to your sound!

    Now comes in a Pink powder coated enclosure -11cm x 6cm x 3cm


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  • Trembulator

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    The Trembulator is a super-fast tremolo by GojiraFX which provides a wide range of tremolo sounds and a great vibe/ring effect.


    Now updated with a speed switch to give an even bigger range of pulse speed from slow to super fast


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  • Mrs Mangel’s Muff (Mangler Fuzz)

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    The Gojira Mangler is a self-oscillating synth/octave/filter Fuzz pedal which can be used as a stand-alone drone box or as an input signal to control the frequency/sweep of the oscillator giving a wide range of fuzz tones

    Gojira artwork is Mrs Mangel’s Muff design on a U.V printed enclosure. Only available on smaller enclosure


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  • Mammoth Fuzz

    , ,

    A Mammoth fuzz clone.

    controls are volume,tone,gate and fuzz..

    This pedal is awesome on guitar for ripping fuzz tones but it really comes into life on bass..

    All orders custom or default artwork will ship out within 3 days.


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  • Heretic Distortion

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    The GojiraFX Heretic is a mid-range overdrive/distortion pedal which has been designed to retain and  emphasize your low end sound making it great on bass as well as guitar.
    based on the original Rat circuit, All 3 Rat types in 1 pedal! Original, Turbo and Dirty.

    Uses the LM308 chip that the original Rat’s used.


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  • Meatboy Fuzz (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!)

    , ,



    The Gojira Meatboy Fuzz comes in both Light and Dark versions to choose your fuzz sound!
    Sounds great on guitar and bass and stacks really well with other pedals, especially the octave Generator…




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  • Buffer with Killswitch

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    The Gojira Buffer will prevent any signal loss through long pedal chains – the killswitch will completely kill your signal to the amp.
    Choose from a latching or momentary switch.


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  • Gojira Buffer

    , ,

    The Gojira Buffer will prevent any signal loss through long pedal chains.


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