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B-Stock and Special offers- In Stock and on sale

  1. In stock and on sale


Bender Fuzz  (Tone Bender)

Steamed Hams Tubesteamer 808 (Bstock)

Bender 808 (Bstock)

Fry Tubeslurmer 808 (Last one available)

Steamed hams light meatboy fuzz

Bender ( bite my …)sub dark meatboy fuzz


SKU: N/A Categories: , ID: 7279

In stock and on sale

-Fry Tubeslurmer 808 (last one available)

-Steamed Hams Skinner 808 (B-stock)

-Bender 808 (B-stock)

-Bender Fuzz- Tone Bender (B-stock)

-steamed hams light meatboy fuzz

-Bender ( bite my…) Sub Dark meatboy fuzz ( Bstock, slight blemish on the paint beside the D.C port)

+ Uv printed pedal tin and pic tin



Weight1 kg

Bender (Bite My Shiny Metal Ass ) Sub Dark Meatboy, Bender Fuzz (tone bender), Bender T/S 808, Fry 808 Tubeslurmer, Steamed Hams Light Meatboy, Steamed hams tubesteamer 808


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