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Reverie (reverb/modulation)

All GojiraFX pedals now come housed in a printed metal enclosure.

+Free circle of fifths t-shirt (leave a note on order for size)

The Reverie is a dreamy and very controllable reverb and modulation pedal. With a wide tone control you can dial in dark cave like repeats or clear sharp, chiming/shimmering echoes.
The pedal self oscillates and will keep running even when the effect is turned off, switch back on and the full build up of repeats/modulation will still be there . Lots of lofi/chorus type tones from the subtle modulation that goes to full on vibrato wobbles.


Now available in a smaller version that does not include the modulation controls (depth and speed)


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Mix – Amount FX and Dry signal
Tone- Tone control
Expanse-Controls the amount of Pre-delay before the reverb
Distance-Controls the amount of Reverb.
Depth- controls the amount of modulation on the Reverb
Speed-modulation speed from slow and subtle to a fast vibrato

Dry(Flick Switch)-Kills the dry signal, “effect only”

L.E.D 1= Bypass indicator.
L.E.D 2= Modulation pulse speed.

Wiring/Footswitch options-
-True bypass, Effect will cut off abruptly when you switch it off
-Non True Bypass, Reverb will naturally decay when turned off (Shouldn’t colour your dry tone either)


Smaller Reverie version does not include the modulation controls (Depth and speed)

Enclosure will be orientated the other way round to take up less board space on the smaller version

9v DC -standard(centre negative)


Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 16 cm
Enclosure Colour

Black, White


circle of fifths, Custom Artwork

Switch Wiring

Non true bypass (tails), True Bypass


Reverie ( with modulation controls), Smaller version (NO modulation controls)


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