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“This pedal is a tremolo, but its precise control sets it aside from all other ones.  It’s extremely fast, choppy and fat but also wide, swooping and deep.  The Gojira Trembulator has replaced my Boss PN-2 tremolo which has been a mainstay on my pedalboards for years (and can be heard all over my first Vato Negro record).  I love using the Trembulator tremolo for a lot of reasons.  It’s awesome for dropping a fast, cutting tremolo into a bass line or for creating an entire jam from it when combining it with a fuzz or other pedal.  The very first video I did for PedalsAndEffects was a demo for how I used a tremolo on a Mars Volta jam that ended up on Scabdates.  That video utilizes the old Boss PN-2 but I honestly say that this Trembulator kills it!  This Trembulator is the future of tremolo pedals.”