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Meatboy Fuzz



The Gojira Meatboy Fuzz comes in 3 flavors- Light ,Dark and Sub Dark (bass version)
Light and dark versions are more suited to guitar while the sub dark version is tweaked for bass.





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The Gojira Meatboy Fuzz comes in both Light and Dark versions to choose your fuzz sound!

Dark Version
The Dark version provides a thick, silicon fuzz that maintains clarity while allowing you to produce some dangerously girthy tones!

Meatboy Template

Light Version

The Light version gives you a mid-treble range putting out sharp, cutting sounds!

Both versions have just 1 control; ”Meat” knob for controlling volume and gain.

Custom artwork can be uploaded once you have placed your order!


Sub Dark Bass Version

Dark meatboy modded for bass giving a massive fuzz tone.



9volt DC


Duff Can + Duff Knobs, Slurm + Can knob, Steamed Hams + steamed hams can, Custom Artwork, Flanders, Gojira Artwork, He-man, No Artwork, Pedal Rick, skeletor, The Terminator

Enclosure Colour

Black, White


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