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Meatboy Fuzz


The Gojira Meatboy Fuzz comes in 3 flavors- Light ,Dark and Sub Dark (bass version)
Light and dark versions are more suited to guitar while the sub dark version is tweaked for bass.

All our pedals are housed in premium Gorva Design enclosures, use Gorva Design premium  footswitches, and are printed using high-definition UV printing. 

Gojira FX pedals are handmade to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your pedal to arrive. 


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  • The Gojira Meatboy Fuzz comes in both Light and Dark versions to choose your fuzz sound!

Dark Version
The Dark version provides a thick, silicon fuzz that maintains clarity while allowing you to produce some dangerously girthy tones!

Meatboy Template

Light Version

The Light version gives you a mid-treble range putting out sharp, cutting sounds!

Both versions have just 1 control; ”Meat” knob for controlling volume and gain.

Custom artwork can be uploaded once you have placed your order!


Sub Dark Bass Version

Dark meatboy modded for bass giving a massive fuzz tone.



9volt DC

Weight1 kg

Bite my shiny metal ass + Bender Head knob, Randy + Tegridy Cans, Slurm + Can knob, Steamed Hams + steamed hams can, Tegridy Farms Logo + Cans, Custom Artwork, Flanders, Gojira Artwork, He-man, No Artwork

Enclosure Colour

silver, Black, White


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