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Noise Ensemble Fuzz


The Noise Ensemble Fuzz uses and severally abuses the PT2399 delay chip. Giving a wide range of fuzz tones and modulation that ranges from reverb/delay to chorus/flange/pitchshifting and vibrato effects… The longer the delay the weirder the modulation..

It also oscillates! and its wild! Turn on the feedback loop for some crazy winding,ascending oscillation , pitch is controlled with the ensemble knob.

All GojiraFX pedals now come housed in a printed metal enclosure.

Gojira FX is an independent, one-man business, and every pedal is built and constructed by hand. This means that you may experience a wait of 6-8 weeks to receive your pedal. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting independent business. 



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-Volume. Increases the volume (and its a loud pedal)

-Ensemble- controls reverb/delay speed and Increases the modulation, ranging from  some crazy chorus,flange to pitch shifting vibrato.. the longer the gap between delays, the wilder the modulation.

-Loop Switch- Turns the feedback loop on which sends the pedal into wild winding  oscillation mode.

-Customize the loop switch to fit your needs- flick switch (for desktop,synth users) or Momentary Foot-switch (for Guitars,bass)


-Footswitch- True Bypass On/Off

-Loop on/off (if footswitch option is selected)


Standard 9v DC

sound clips-

Weight1 kg
Enclosure Colour

Black, White


Custom Artwork, Gojira Artwork, No Artwork

Loop Switch

flick switch, Momentary foot switch


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