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Custom Knobs


1 x Custom 3D printedĀ  Knob

Fit tight on 6mm splined shaft pots

-Mr Sparkle

-Duff Beer

-Steamed Ham


-Booty Sweat

Currently waiting on a new batch of Duff knobs so any orders won’t ship until end of May 20


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3D Printed CustomĀ  knobs

-Mr Sparkle Can

-Duff Beer Can

-Steamed Ham


-Booty Sweat Cans

fit tight on 6mm splined shaft pots

Custom Knobs

Booty Sweat Cans, DUFF Cans, MexiCan, Mr Sparkle Cans, Steamed Ham

1 review for Custom Knobs

  1. Teddy Lobato (verified owner)

    The two Gojira FX custom knobs, that I ordered, shipped quickly and were delivered in a safely and timely manner! They came exactly as they were described and they look exactly like the product photos! They fit perfectly on the tone pots of my bass! Best of all, they look AWESOME (I ordered 1 Duff Beer can and 1 Mr. Sparkle Detergent can)!!!! Thanks for the AWESOMETASTIC custom knobs!!!!

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